We all have thought „Noooo! What did I do??“ in front of a computer. Admit it! You had that moment as well. We all have lost some thing digital. Really everyone. Trust me. 🙂

Minor things might include pressing CMD + Q for an „@“ sign when trying to write your first email in Apple Mail after switching from PC (CMD+Q quits an application immediately on Macs…) up to severe data loss.

A couple of days ago, I just sat at my computer at work. My hard disk (SSD actually) was pretty much filled up so I wanted to free up space by deleting some old files.

I began…

cd /temp
bash: cd: /temp: No such file or directory
rm *

The moment I pressed return I read the prompt message „No such file or directory“. Yes, my temp folder ist actually called „tmp“, I remebered. But wait….. (blood pressure rising at this point)

Oops…. I just deleted the contents of my home* folder!!! What did I do??? Oh nooo!!!

(*the home folder actually holds all you personal information on Linux. This is were all your documents, images, music, browsersettings, files, projects and other preferences go.)

Remember, Linux just does what you tell it to do. No questions asked. No trashcan. You are in charge. What you type will be executed. Very fast and even faster on SSD….

THANK GOD, I didn’t set the recursive flag „-r“ on rm! Therefore I only lost all files in home and not all files in all directories underneath home (which would have eradicated all of my files completely).


From most of the stuff I had a backup! PHEW!

I talked about this „incident“ with other people and I found out almost everyone had their own „fat finger“ story to share. That made me curious! I’d love to hear yours in the comment section 🙂