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Optimize your PNG/JPEG images with no quality-loss in minutes!

Hi, have you ever woundered from time to time if all those gigabyte of images on your hard drive really need to be all that big?!

Normally, if you compress images, you lose quality. If you want to keep optimal quality you will normally end up with big files. So you either have to sacrifice quality or file size. If you are interested on how to get both, read on!

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What easy to use Linux distribution to use for old computers?

I got mail from Rodk some weeks ago. He asked me a question that, I guess, many people have when they want to give new life to an old computer. Here is what he asked me:

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Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail in less than 20 minutes without problems

Do you want to upgrade to the lastest and greatest version of the Ubuntu Linux operation system? You want to do the upgrade fast and avoid any hassles? Then, this guide is for you!

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LESS räumt CSS Stylesheets auf

Aktuell arbeite ich an einem Relaunch einer News-Webseite. Bei der Stukturierung der einzelnen HTML Elemente ist aufgefallen, dass die CSS Datei zu der Seite mittlerweile knapp 2000 Zeilen umfasst. Werden alle enthaltenen CSS-Direktiven noch benötigt? Welche sind überflüssig und können ohne Seiteneffekte entfernt oder zusammen gefasst werden? (continue reading…)

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