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Disable Hugepages on Linux yields huge speed improvements for VMWare Workstation

I recently have found a solution to very nasty bug. On my Ubuntu Linux development laptop, I run several virtual machines. I had to use VMWare Workstation for a project for one client of mine. I use quite heavy applications like IntelliJ IDEA (for Java Backend development), VMWare, Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird for E-Mail and everything runs simultaneously.

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Quick Hint: How to save energy in Linux by turing your screen off when locking


In my office I frequently lock my screen when I leave my desk. I found out, after pressing the Screen locking shortcut in Ubuntu 13.04 (and the versions before) the screen goes black but is still turned on and therefor consumes more energy than necessary. I hate wasting resources (and battery life) so I began to look for a solution…

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