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Use stop-loss order strategy to maximize your stock profits pt.2

Some time ago, I wrote about how to use stop-loss orders to save your investment at the stock markets. The „stop-loss“ order is only the tool – you have to use it wisely and get comfortable with it in order to get the maximum benefit from it. Today, I want to write about how to put this tool to use for you and your stock investments.

Let’s see how this works in detail…

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Use stop-loss order strategy to maximize your stock profits pt.1

If your are interested into finances and the stock market you may have found this out by yourself: stocks mostly offer better returns than managed investment funds plus they are cheaper to buy since they don’t come with a management fee or issue surcharge. On the contrary you have to do all management of your stock portfolio yourself and have no manager looking after your stocks on a day to day basis, securing profits when you are not watching or simply on holiday.

So, is there a stress free way to manage your stocks and secure your investment at least to some degree? One smart way is to let the computer system of your preferred stock exchange (I use Tradegate or Xetra since I live in Germany) do the management for you. This way you can maximize your profits and reduce the risk of loosing money at the same time.

Let’s delve into this….

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