Imagine this:

You get some files from a friend or you just copy over some stuff from your Mac to your other computer running Windows or Linux. Harddisk, USB or external storages are polluted by these files. How to clean up the mess?

resource fork disposal


You might have notice that Mac OS hides some files which will be visible on other operating systems. There, THEY ARE COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! So to remove these files you can simply open up a terminal window (on Linux) and execute the following commands:

find . -iname ".DS_Store" -exec rm "{}" \;
find . -iname "._*" -exec rm "{}" \;
find . -iname "__MACOSX*" -exec rm -r "{}" \;

On Windows you can use a graphical tool called DOT Delete. You can get it here:
Hope this helps to clean up your (non Mac OS X) drives!


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