Hi everybody!

I hope everything is well for you! Today I’ve got a question which some might even call a religious one 🙂

I work as software developer at a big company and until very recently, every new employee we hired could choose whatever platform and/or hardware they are most familiar with. I think this is very beneficial because everybody can use „their“ favorite platform. The counter argument „increased administration overhead“ is not always true for software developer machines in my opinion.

What do you think? Are you able to use what you want at your current work site? Would you like to do so?

Which platform would you choose if you could decide freely?

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Again, what’s YOUR platform of choice and even more interesting: Why? Please let us all know in the comments section!

As for our company, most developers chose 27 inch iMacs. I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux very successfully since mid 2007 in an office environment (see My Story in Ubuntu Magazine). Most of our server are linux ones and since I’m doing mostly JAVA development so everything works fine on Linux.

Personally, I’m using a 27 inch iMac (which I bought used some time ago) or a Windows 7 PC for watching videos on a projector.

I’m very curious in what you are using 🙂