Perfect Privacy: Setup your own secure chat system easily

I am thinking about putting together an online course as a guide to setting up a perfectly secure chat system with end-to-end encryption for private and business use.

Right now, I’m collecting ideas and putting together a curriculum. I want to share it with the would to see if anything is flaming me :) that I miss something important. Please, tell me what you think of it.

Course Description:

In this course you will learn how to set up an extremely secure and reliable chat system following a simple step-by-step guide. Once installed, it’s super easy to use and you can chat like using well known proprietary messengers like skype, whatsapp, viber, yahoo messenger… etc.

We will install a chat server and configure popular chat client software in a way, that all your communication will be encrypted by the most recent up-to-date security standards. The installation will solely be based on open-source software so you don’t have to buy any additional software. In addition to that, I chose very straightforward and easy-to-configure software components so configuration will be a breeze.

First, I will tell you about some of the mechanics that make the secure chat system work. Next, we will carry on to actually installing a completely functional chat system (server+clients) which can handle 100,000 users or more simultaneously. Then, I will show you how to configure your desktops and mobile phone clients for people to be able to connect to your secure chat system from everywhere in the world.

Connect all people within your department or the entire company, friends or simply everyone if you want to run a public service on the internet. If hat sounds appealing to you, this is the course for you!

If you are working in a corporate environment and are concerned about sending customer data via email, chatting about company secrets with off-shore teams and chatting about computer code examples, you might want to get as much chat privacy as possible.

// Technologies used //

– Linux and Windows for server installation
– Openfire XMPP server
– Pidgin instant messenger (desktop, for Linux and windows)
– Adium (client, Mac OS X)
– Xabber / Chatsecure (mobile, android)

// Instructor //

This course is taught by a professional IT security expert who gives presentations regularly. So you’ll get the best of his years of knowledge and his years of teaching.

Category: Technology

// What are the requirements? //

– Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
– basic knowledge of installing programs on your operating system

// What am I goint to get from this course? //

– Learn how to setup your own secure chat server
– Learn how to setup all clients to provide maximum security

// What is the target audience? //

– System-Administrators
– Web-Developers
– Anyone concerned about their privacy while communication with others
– Anyone working with off-shore teams wanting their conversations, customer-data or source code questions to remain private



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