Startup Podcasts that you don’t want to miss!

Today I want to share with you my resources that I use to learn and keep myself up to date about the startup scene.

  • Video course: How to build a Startup by Steve Blank – my personal favorite (thanks to Vidar Andersen) A very good course for understanding customer development. You should really take this course to get your mind into the startup mood! 5 Star material!


  • Podcast: – How to earn $60k a month as a single person doing business online? Income reports, podcasts, guests telling the stories of their startups, tons of advice and a free ebook how to write an ebook… Very informative!


  • Podcast: Startups for the Rest of us – Rob and Mike answering questions dealing with how to make money online. They give advice on marketing, selling of digital good or Saas (software as a service) goods etc. A real gem are their „checklists“ for founders with hints to a lot of topics.


  • Podcast: Mixergy – Interviews with founders „who did it“! Groupon, AppSumo, 37Signals, digg, yCombinator, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Kiva are just some popular examples. The host Andrew Warner asks the founders bluntly numbers, how-tos, problems etc. Very interesting because of the true stories. For some interviews or features you need a paid premium account.


  • Podcast: Stanford University Podcasts – Over 2000 videos and podcasts from very well known founders as Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page or Michael Dell to name a few. Huge choice.


Did I miss something important or essential? What do you think? Please, don’t be shy and tell the audience and me in the comments section. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing new sources of valuable information here on :)

– Maurice

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